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QuickAssist works with businesses from all kinds of industries. Whether you operate a trucking business, a restaurant or a retail shop, we have
worked with someone in your industry before. See below how our services can help your business.


Light & Heavy Industry

We understand companies operating in an industry like contracting or manufacturing face unique challenges. Some of these challenges include partial payouts by clients upon starting new projects. Others include fronting employee salaries and material costs before a client sends in that final invoice. Quick Assist will assess your business situation and present you financing options that will not only cover these up-front costs but allow you to begin other new projects simultaneously with an infusion of capital.


Medical Practices

Clinics, Urgent Care, Dentists, Veterinarians, Animal Hospitals

We understand that medical practices, whether a traditional medical clinic, a dental office or a veterinary hospital, face challenges specific to the industry.



Liquor Stores, Jewelry Stores, Marijuana Dispensaries, Pharmacies

We understand that retail faces a challenge that many other industries do not; your business may need to hold on to (or purchase more) inventory depending on the season and your customers' ever-changing tastes.

Quick Assist is here to provide the infusion of capital retail companies may require in order to attain needed inventory or cover other up-front overhead costs.


Restaurants & Bars

We know that operating a restaurant or a bar can be extremely risky. Revenue can be unpredictable, employees can be unreliable, and negative online reviews can be destructive.

Maybe you are considering expanding your dining hall or opening up a new location. Maybe all you need is a new oven. Whatever the financial challenge, Quick Assist is here to help!


Trucking & Transportation Services

Amazon Drivers, Produce Delivery, General Freight among others

Truckers and Freight contractors know the pain of having a truck broken down needing repairs and not generating revenue, but also not having the capital necessary to address these costs. Maybe a new route has been discovered or offered but you don’t have the money to purchase that new truck to begin servicing that new route to increase your revenue. These challenges amongst many others are nothing new to Quick Assist and our experienced team of consultants and account executives. Allow us to find the perfect financing options to meet whatever current needs you may be facing.

We service many more industries, including travel, consulting, real estate, auto body shops, and more!